Cockroaches are scavengers and will eat almost anything, dead animals, vegetable materials, cardboard, fabrics glue, hair and book bindings.

Mostly nocturnal cockroaches will hide during the day and become active at night and will quickly disappear if disturbed. Therefore homeowners may not be aware that they have a cockroach problem.

Siverfish may be found Within buildings, silverfish may be found almost anywhere. While frequently found in roof cavities, they may also occur in wall voids, subfloor areas and many places within the dwelling parts of premises. They feed on most types of human food but seem to prefer starchy materials. When paper or photographs are attacked, it is often the outer, shiny layer that is most damaged. As well, book bindings, cottons, linens and wallpaper are often damaged. Any sources of glue, starch or sizing are likely to be attractive.

There are approximately 3000 species of ants that nest in a variety of locations in Australia

Nests are normally permanent but new nest locations may be sought in adverse weather conditions.

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