Feral Bird Management

  • Feral pigeons are not native to Asutralia
  • Cause damage to your roof and solar panels from droppings and nesting materials
  • Nesting birds mean a greater likelihood of your home being invaded by bird mites
  • Dirty Solar Panels reduce efficiency and need to to cleaned regularly


  • We clean your roof and guttering
  • Treat bird mites
  • Install spikes, netting and electrical shock systems to deter birds from nesting
  • We can help improve the efficiency of your solar system saving your money

Pest Control offer a variety of pest bird services and prevention methods to rid your premises of undesirable pest birds which spread disease, are noisy, cause damage to buildings, create unsightly mess, smell and ill health effects from droppings.

Also, pest bird nests block gutters, downpipes, air-conditioner units which can cost you money to repair.

Ozzie Pest Control also provides a solar panel service where we can clean your roof, solar panels and guttering and install a strong, reliable bird proofing solution to precent birds from nesting under the solar panels.

Ozzie Pest Control are your Bird Control People, Just give us a call and we will attend your property and provide an obligation free quote on your bird problem solution.

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    Our office has been using the services of Ozzie Pest Control for many many years.”
    We have always found Darren Smith and his staff to be highly reputable, honest and reliable in how they run their business.

    The prices charged are very competitive, the work is of a high quality, and we have no hesitation in recommending their services.

    First National Action Realty

    “I would like to thank Darren and his staff for their expertise and efficiency in dealing with my Termite problem.
    I have been using Ozzie Pest Control for 5 years and the service is over and beyond.”

    Jean Mair

    About Ozzie Pest Control

    Ozzie Pest Control is a family owned and operated company and was established in 2008. Darren Smith has owned and operated a pest control service in South East Queensland for over 25 years and take pride in our community involvement and the service we provide to every customer. Our team are fully qualified and enthusiastic about helping you resolve your pest, termite and bird problems. We use only the best available products on every service to provide you with the peace of mind that your investment in your home or business and the health of your family and staff is centre piece to our pest management program. At Ozzie Pest Control, we will do whatever it takes to ensure you receive the absolute best value for money service available.